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 Congratz Zero Reborn On Your Promotion To Player Moderator.

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PostSubject: Congratz Zero Reborn On Your Promotion To Player Moderator.   Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:06 pm

The user Zero Reborn, has been promoted to player moderator.
congratulations and the following will occur.

As a player moderator you are expected, to follow all rules, enforce the rules, and help the server by doing the following...
Firstly, Adverising the server is the #1 thing to do as a regular player, or any kind of staff of newtronscape.. why? because it brings more peopleto the server to make it gow. theres only way to develop and grow a sever and that's by advertising.

Secondly, being professional, is the second most impotant part ofyou job as a moderator. you must always use proper grammar and spelling, and punctiation. Mistakes are normal it only makes you human, nobody is perfect but always try. Smile being pofessional also means maturity. don't make innapropriate jokes or comments etc...

Finally, always be active. don't show any signs that you start to lack of the above expectations. don't start not showing up. always be active and online as much as possible so we know your the best fo the job. theres only 3 available moderator spots so far an we need the 3 best we can find. so show u what you got, and remember we can always demote you and find soebody else.
Just because your demoted doesnt mean you did anything wrong, unless you were told you did... Demoting just means were putting you off the job for a while so we can test other people, so by all means... you have the chance to get it back by showing us you are the one for the job.

Thank you for being with newtronscape,
Enjoy Smile
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PostSubject: Congrats   Thu Sep 22, 2011 4:44 pm

Congratulations, you are the first moderator to the team, therefor I Congratulate you. As Luda said you must follow all he rules and act professional. This dosn't mean that you have to be EXSACT on your spelling but be good enough so that people can understand you. I'm not so good at spelling myself but when I get to posting on the forums I make my writeing alot better. You might see alot of me messing up when I type, so I don't blame you if you dont spell completly correctly but just try. Smile


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Congratz Zero Reborn On Your Promotion To Player Moderator.
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