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 A lose for words

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PostSubject: A lose for words   Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:33 pm

When I first joined this server, I told everyone I was very busy at times. I hate being pin pointed for stuff that I mentioned before, but I figure now its needed to define myself. When I feel disrespected; I can be very rude. I mentioned I was busy and will be on as often as I can, and I have mentioned that I was/still am unable to connect to the server. When I went to look at my moderator application its "Denied" for me being assumed to have "quit on the server" I feel I have been disrespected, because in my introduction on the forum I stated I was military and that I work long hours. Also on the application, I stated I would be on as often as possible and I am not on for 2 whole days. At this point I feel I have been very disrespected for reasons that were clearly stated might be a problem. No one has tried to help me at all and I have tried to connect from 2 different connections and another computer. I feel if the case is that I "abandoned" the server, I could at least have a glorified reason for it other than walking away. I also would have notified someone, I am not the type of person to walk out on something I want to be a part of. If you are going to say something about me, at least have your information straight before you go off and say something please. I would still like to play on this server. It is quite interesting that I will admit; but if this is the case, I would rather not be a part of it if there is nothing good to come of it.

Ya'll know,
PFC Howard
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A lose for words
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