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 Drop Party

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PostSubject: Drop Party   Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:28 pm

Mike or luda, i know MIke said we need 15 poeple for the d party today, but isnt this d party supposed to be compensation for the rollbacks?

If it was a dparty for amount of poeple online the i would understand y we need 15 poeple but for a compensation d party there shouldnt be a player requenrment

so yeah, wat time? Cuz its after 12 lol\


WHEN DID IT HAPPEN? cuz everyone has korasi and divine

will their be compensation for those who missed it lol?

ALso, when is update?


I dont think u updated anything tbh...

also can i have some things taht were dropped at d party cuz i had t ogo to hospital

my friend got wasted on saterday and i had to go with cody (IAmBamf) to hospital with him
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Drop Party
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