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PostSubject: LEFT FOR DEAD   Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:30 pm

I dont mean to insult mike or justin, but they kind of left the server for dead

were not growing and i never see them on
i dont know where the money is going from donations, either to their wallets or adverts ( i doubt adverts)

and the majority of problems that i have listed have not been fixed and neither have i gotten any feeedback by justin or mike

also we were supposed to have an jupdate on saterday and not just a d party so yeah

i realize that luda cant go on cuz his comp wont let him and mike alone cant handle the server by himself

like i said in gambles admin posts i think me cin and hugh jass should be promoted to admin

me and hugh are on daily and cin is a graet guy

we would b able to but NewtronSCape back on track
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PostSubject: Re: LEFT FOR DEAD   Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:27 am

The server doesn't need new admins, showing that there are any active staff in general will do. I haven't played a lot I only know of Cinathair and Hugh Jass being moderators. However, just moderator presence does show activity.

What really turns people away from a server are servers that do not update in general or servers that are only friendly to Donators.

If you REALLY wish to help the server stay "alive" while the programmer is away continue making suggestions, reporting bugs just keeping the forums alive is a good effort.

In no way am I being rude by posting any of this just my own personal opinion Smile

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