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 Hill Giants

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PostSubject: Hill Giants   Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:03 am

I would like to suggest adding some random drops to hill giants these could include any of the following:

Note: I have added to the right of each item the corresponding item id not sure if they are all right as I use an older id list.

-easy clue scroll(2677-2713 for easy)
-big bones(100%)<==should be a bone variable for npc somewhere perhaps npchandler?(532)
-assorted gems(diamond+ rare)(1617-1631)<--uncuts
-ogre club ( rare xD)(12571)
-other ogre clothing ( rare of course )(12560,12562,12564,12566)
-50 x iron arrows drop(885)
-10 x rune arrow drop(893)
-mithril kiteshield(1198)
-adamant chainbody(1112)
-mithril full helm(1160)
-mystic fire staff(1402)
-regular water staff(1384)
-100 x air runes(557)
-10 x deaths(561)
-5 x bloods(566)
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Hill Giants
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